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RichSpirit ONE

Beyond Measure

Portrait of Adoration

Soul of a Poet

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Phil French "Everlasting Featuring Terrence Richburg" © 2015 RICHESCAPE MUSIC, LLC

This 17-track project creates musical magic with stunning compositions and smooth sax sounds. An array of instrumental and vocal songs, this album shines as a melodic/lyrical masterpiece, delighting the ears and inspiring the soul of jazz and gospel fans.

Intimacy: Missing “Peace” in the Puzzle of True Love & Close Relationships

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Author Terrence Richburg invites everyone to explore the true power of love in contemporary life situations with the release of his literary debut, Intimacy: Missing “Peace” in the Puzzle of True Love & Close Relationships. This book draws heavily upon his own personal and professional life experiences, the spiritual foundation and emotional inspiration of the Bible, and the inherent power of heartfelt lyrics of songs he has composed, to pen a profound vision of the deep intimate nature of close human relationships.

Filled with wisdom and unforgettable short stories, Intimacy is a clever mixture of fiction and non-fiction, an episodic experience for the reader.  In Intimacy, Richburg takes us on an emotional rollercoaster through the twists and turns of characters like Chris and Amanda, whose dreams help them to understand what true gratitude is and Mathew Kidd, a public defender, and his wife Janet, whose narrative is nothing short of an on-the-edge of-your-seat thriller.  And who can forget the swarthy prize-fighter, Tony, who finds love in the most unexpected places.  With each character, Terrence weaves subtle yet profound messages.  In this book, the author approaches the often baffling topics of love and intimacy with a unique twist.

In One Night CD

The single, In One Night marks the beginning of a brand new season for RichEscape Music, LLC and also for me as an artist, both professionally and personally. Although I wrote In One Night back in 1990, the blessing of music is its ability to transcend time and space while yet providing a sure anchor of inspiration along the many paths that await us on our journey.

Ascension CD

This project was born out of the depths of inspiration and made possible through a special blend of creativity and talent to produce a virtual marriage of the essence of jazz and the eternal soul of gospel. It was a long, two-and-a-half year process, but well worth the wait and effort. The uphill climb - "Ascension" if you will has taken Riley and Richburg into heavenly places dwelling with God - the Creator of their inner song.

Terrence took his own advice, stepped out on faith and following the Lord's leading produced "Ascension," seeing it unfold as a flower into an incredible revelation.
The response from listeners of the project has ranged from sheer enjoyment and excitement to "this is an incredible album," to "I just couldn't stop listening to it - I played it all night long!" Don't underestimate the potential of this engaging sea of opportunity.

Don't overlook this sincere offering of spirit-filled innovation - and certainly don't forfeit this, your appointed moment in destiny, to hear the amazing music by R&R on their debut CD, "Ascension" - A RICHESCAPE MUSIC Productions Experience.